The Sum of Now

Live now. It is a simple message that carries a lot of power, yet most people go through their lives never really understanding what that means. We hear it from others, read it in books & papers, see  it in movies & TV shows… but we never really get to truly realize what it means to LIVE NOW. In the last 50 years, more and more authors have tried to summarize the great teachings of spiritual leaders and bring this common message that has been passed through the ages. But where do you start? There are thousands of books, articles, posts, blogs, movies, clips and what not available online that explains the art of “living now”. So much information may be overwhelming to some.  That is why The Sum of Now was created: to simplify the search for answers, by bringing you a summary of what you need to know to start living a better life TODAY.

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Inspiration by Jim Carrey

Inspiration Here is the transcript from the first part (taken from the Commencement speech he gave in 2014 | not full transcript

Inner Peace – The Choice is Yours

Inner peace | It has been said many times, many ways, by many people. The message is clear: you have a choice. The choice to allow yourself to

How to start running

Running is free. All it takes to start running is a pair of shoes (helps if you have the right kind, more on that below), some clothes and